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52 out of 100

In October 2016 Bass Pro Shops announced plans to acquire Cabela’s in a $5.5 billion cash deal. While announced as a “definitive agreement,” the deal has yet to close as of February 2017. The FTC asked for more information on the transaction that may delay or dissolve the purchase altogether. “A driving force behind this agreement is the highly complementary business philosophies, product offerings, expertise and geographic footprints of the two businesses,” Bass Pro said in announcing the acquisition. “We look forward to continuing to celebrate and grow the Cabela’s brand alongside Bass Pro Shops and [Bass-owned fishing boat dealer] White River as one unified outdoor family.”


1 Cabela Drive, Sidney NE 69160

Parent Company

Cabela's Inc.

Merchant Type

Catalog/Call Center

Merchandise Category

Sporting Goods

Year Launched: 1998

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