Companies / Boxed raises $111 million in additional funding and plans to expand fulfillment operations

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60 out of 100

Online groceries and household products retailer Boxed Wholesale sells household staples in bulk at reduced prices to shoppers looking to stock up. There is no membership fee and delivery is free. Customers can shop online or use the Boxed app to get an order shipped in one to three days. Merchandise categories include grocery, beverages, cleaning supplies, home and office, bath and body, health, babies and kids, and pets. Groceries are limited to shelf-stable items, so there is no produce or fresh meat, poultry or seafood available. Every dollar spent earns a reward point, and 500 points can be exchanged for $5 in savings.


451 Broadway, 2nd Floor, New York NY 10013

Parent Company

Giddy Inc.

Merchant Type

Web Only

Merchandise Category


Year Launched: 2013

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