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Benefit Cosmetics, found at, offers shoppers the opportunity to browse makeup, customize a kit or buy one of Benefit’s specially made cosmetic sets. Benefit made a splash when it announced that the company would be jumping onboard the R.S. Hispaniola—docked in London—to launch the Good Ship Benefit in April 2016. The cruise ship will offer passengers themed rooms and exclusive product previews during the ship’s five-month run. Benefit also teamed up with Starbucks in the United Kingdom for cross-promotional coupons given to customers visiting either store as part of the #bestfriends campaign and Benefit’s Month of Love throughout February 2016.


225 Bush St., 20th Floor, San Francisco CA 94104

Parent Company

Christian Dior SA

Merchant Type

Retail Chain

Merchandise Category


Year Launched: 2006

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