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Online retailer American Meadows sells a variety of gardening products, including flower bulbs, ornamental grasses, perennials, vegetable and wildflower seeds, and other items on its website. Shoppers can choose from 1,000 varieties—including hard to find ones—and browse how-to information to help select and grow plants. The company says it gets 15,000 visits a day from gardeners and has a presence on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Site visitors can find the right wildflower seeds for their climate by clicking on a U.S. map and choosing a region. They can also select a category by clicking on an image. Shoppers can apply filters like amount of rain and bloom season.


2438 Shelburne Road, Suite 1, Shelburne VT 5482

Parent Company

American Meadows Inc.

Merchant Type

Catalog/Call Center

Merchandise Category


Year Launched: 1998

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