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The Army & Air Force Exchange Service serves military personnel and their families via online, mobile and retail stores. AAFES’ most recent website redesign for was designed to grow the retailer’s online presence by further integrating the web and store customer experience and operations. The site, which averaged almost 1.6 million visits per month in 2016, now features improved site navigation and search, AAFES says, and also includes social login buttons for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube. The company produced over $400 million in total earnings in 2016. AAFES products are sold in 2,500 facilities in all 50 states and in 33 countries worldwide.


3911 S. Walton Walker Blvd., Dallas TX 75236

Parent Company

Army & Air Force Exchange Service

Merchant Type

Retail Chain

Merchandise Category

Mass Merchant

Year Launched: 1997

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