Snapshot: The state of 1‑day shipping as 2019 winds down

Consumers care a lot about shipping speeds. Roughly 44% of online shoppers have abandoned an online shopping cart because the item they were seeking to purchase wouldn’t arrive on time, according to a June Internet Retailer/Bizrate Insights survey that examined online shoppers’ shipping experiences and preferences.

The definition of “on time” varies depending on the order and the consumer making it. But for the retail market as a whole, expectations are changing because Inc. (No. 1 in the 2019 Digital Commerce 360 Top 1000) has, once again, set a new standard. In April, the ecommerce giant announced it would spend $800 million to offer free 1-day shipping members of its Prime loyalty program. Walmart responded in May with an offer of free 1-day shipping in a few markets and Target rapidly increased its push to offer multiple same-day fulfillment options.

This infographic looks at the state of 1-day shipping as the 2019 holiday season wraps up. Data includes retailers that offer free 1-day shipping, along with those that offer paid, expedited options or make 1-day shipping available for some, but not all items.

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