The clothing and accessories market is stagnating. Overall, apparel and accessories sales grew less than 1% last year, according to U.S. Commerce Department data.

But it’s a different story online. The 266 apparel and accessories retailers ranked in the Internet Retailer 2018 Top 1000 grew 16.8% last year, a tick above the broader e-commerce market’s 16.0% growth. Even so, finding success selling apparel and accessories online isn’t easy. The market is crowded and apparel and accessories retailers face growing competition from general merchandisers like Amazon and Walmart.

While apparel and accessories marketplace is crowded for everyone, but different retailer use different strategies to cut through the noise and find their audience. And it’s not only web-born retailers that find success on digital marketplaces.Any business can build a successful direct-to-consumer model online.

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