Alcohol merchant web sales grow 14.9% in 2018

A complicated series of state and local laws makes selling beer, wine and spirits online difficult. Despite this, beer/wine/liquor merchants in Internet Retailer’s Top 1000 and Next 1000 have a higher median web sales growth than median web growth for all Top and Next 1000 merchants Internet Retailer tracks. Alcohol merchants saw a 14.5% median growth (and 14.9% for total growth) in web sales in 2018, whereas the Top 2000 retailers had a median growth rate of 13.0%, brought down by the Next 1000’s 12.0% median growth.

The infographic below contains data on beer/wine/liquor merchants in the Top 1000 and Next 1000, including total 2018 web sales, median average order value, median conversion rate, the top five retailers in this subcategory and a breakout of gender, age and income demographics.

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