PlushBeds invests in understanding why organic materials and premium mattresses are important to shoppers.

After a pandemic-driven frenzy to revamp the home in 2020, the home goods sector is still strong in 2021, albeit at a more subdued pace. Consumers focused on refreshing décor and invested in higher quality and premium products. Mattress retailer PlushBeds was the fourth-fastest-growing home goods retailer in the Top 1000 for 2021.

CEO Michael Hughes says the company strategized to combat shipping delays early in the pandemic in 2020 to meet growing demand. So, that meant planning for 2021 as early as possible, prompting the retailer to change how early it sourced premium materials.

“We invested a couple of million dollars to buy additional organic latex, cotton and wool that came in handy when our suppliers couldn’t deliver because of supply chain issues,” Hughes says.

Customer surveys help identify what customers care about

Hughes says ordering early paid off for the retailer. PlushBeds used the emergency stockpile of materials to meet demand in 2021.

PlushBeds declined to share its average ticket value. But, Hughes says it increased about 10% in 2021 compared with 2020. “People are spending more,” Hughes says.


Also, Hughes says the retailer “did a deep dive into understanding who our customer is.”

Additionally, PlushBeds conducted customer surveys. This included emailing existing customers to learn and understand why they bought from PlushBeds versus a competitor. The consensus? “Healthy sleep,” Hughes says.

“Our customers have become more conscious about spending about a third of their lives lying down on a mattress,” Hughes says. “They wanted to invest in something healthier made from organic materials where possible.”


Furniture retailers stand out among fastest-growing retailers

Overall, furniture retailers once again reigned supreme in the top 10 fastest-growing list but at a more muted rated compared with 2020 — a theme throughout 2021. Floyd Inc. debuted in the Top 1000 (ranked No. 834) in 2021, with a substantial 98.0% growth in web sales. It was the No. 1 fastest-growing home goods retailer in the Top 1000 in 2021.

Additionally, Burrow (No. 572 in the Top 1000) followed with 71.7% 2021 web sales growth. Summing up the remaining eight retailers, they fell between the 45.0% to 49.5% range, with Parachute at 49.5% 2021 web sales growth (No. 487 in the Top 1000), mattress retailer PlushBeds Inc. at 49.1% (No. 757 in the Top 1000), and MyPillow Inc. at 49.1% (No. 370 in the Top 1000).

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