Time on site for Top 1000 retailers' shoppers

The bounce rate was also lowest for retailers in the flowers and gifts category. Online customer retention is so strong in this category because consumers shopping for these items often are on a mission to make a purchase for a birthday or holiday and may be less likely to leave these sites quickly than they would other retail websites.

Second was office products retailer Avery Dennison (No. 317), which caters to office managers and small business owners who frequently navigate to the website to buy, not browse. Third was 23andMe Inc. (No. 121), which sells genetic-testing kits and likely attracts consumers highly motivated to learn more about the product.

Avery Dennison also shows up on the list of the 10 Top 1000 sites with the longest median visit duration. Online customer retention is also strong for retailers in other high-consideration categories such as consumer electronics, home furnishings, and apparel and accessories.

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