Top 1000 AOV: Increase keeps up with inflation

The median of Top 1000 average tickets increased 7.2% in 2021 to $161 from $150 a year earlier. That’s right in line with the 7.2% increase in the Consumer Price Index for the U.S., where most Top 1000 retailers are based.

In other words, Top 1000 retailers more or less passed on to consumers the higher prices they were paying suppliers. What’s important is that the higher prices had little effect on median conversion rate, which at 2.84% in 2021 was essentially unchanged from 2020.

Consumer brand manufacturers continued to post the highest median average order, but direct marketers — mostly catalogers and some TV shopping merchants — saw the biggest increase in AOV (average order value)

There were more significant variations based on merchandise category. The biggest increase in median average ticket was 20.2% in consumer electronics. That reflects the significantly higher prices manufacturers of computers, smartphones, TVs and other electronics were paying for semiconductor chips and other components — increases they passed on to shop.

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