Online home goods sales growth slows in 2021, consumer demand for digital tools remains strong [Member-exclusive content]

The online home goods sales space has been in flux over the last couple of years. In 2020, there was a giant surge in ecommerce during the early days of the pandemic. Consumers invested heavily in sprucing up their living spaces, which were suddenly doubling as offices and classrooms. And they also tackled home renovation projects with more disposable income thanks to canceled travel plans and a halt to spending on out-of-home dining and entertainment.

But since then, retailers have reported more sluggish web sales growth, largely due to supply chain snafus and inflation, including higher shipping costs all of which have forced companies to raise their prices. On top of that, consumers lately have leaned more on stores than web visits to purchase housewares and home furnishings. Yet consumers still expect online retailers to offer tools and services that allow for better virtual shopping experiences.

As a sneak peek at the upcoming 2022 Online Home Goods Report, here’s a look at how the overall market and Digital Commerce 360’s Top 1000 retailers selling in this category fared in 2021. The Top 1000 ranks the top online retailers in North America by their 2021 global web sales. Additionally, we recap top findings on how merchants are using technology and add-on services like furniture assembly to facilitate a sale. We also hit on consumer expectations and shopping habits, plus Amazon’s role and recent moves in the home goods space.

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