Edgewell Personal Care Co.’s Billie brand is heading to stores for the first time. Walmart Inc. will sell Billie’s razors and shaving gear in most of its more than 4,700 stores. Edgewell owns a range of personal care brands like Schick and Banana Boat, which are already widely available in stores nationwide.

Digital native shaving brand Billie, which launched in 2017 and ranked No. 1231 in the 2021 Digital Commerce 360 Next 1000. Walmart is No. 2 in the Top 1000, while Edgewell is not currently ranked.

Edgewell purchased Billie in December after the Federal Trade Commission blocked Edgewell from buying shave brand Harry’s (No. 158) two years ago. Similarly, the FTC stopped Procter & Gamble Co. (No. 559) from buying Billie before Edgewell’s offer went through.

Billie is selling its products wholesale to Walmart for its stores and Walmart.com. Billie is not using Walmart’s marketplace. Walmart is No. 9 in the ranking of Digital Commerce 360 Top 100 Online Marketplaces. Walmart.com is Billie’s first online destination outside of its own website.

While Billie offers a wide range of products targeted at women, including lip balms, dry shampoo and face wipes, Walmart will sell only a subset of Billie products. But Billie is also debuting a new shaving cream simultaneously on its own site and in Walmart stores.

Half of DNVBs are selling wholesale

The move for digitally native vertical brands to sell its products in stores is not new. Of the 81 DNVBs that Digital Commerce 360 tracks in its Top 1000, 19 operate their own stores. For example, Warby Parker (No. 145) opened its first store three years after it launched online and now operates more than 130 stores. These stores generate the majority of its revenue, according to the company’s initial filings in September 2021.

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