While Sazerac may not be a household name, many 20-somethings likely have a bottle of the alcohol beverage company’s Fireball Whisky taking up permanent residence in their liquor cabinets. Bourbon aficionados, meanwhile, may have toured the brand’s famous Buffalo Trace Distillery, in Kentucky. Those are just a couple of Sazerac’s more than 450 liquor brands.

Sazerac currently sells online through four ecommerce sites: BuffaloTraceDistillery.com, SazeracHouse.com, FireballWhisky.com and Stirrings.com, which sells drinkware and other liquor accessories, says Lewis Broadnax, vice president, global ecommerce for Sazerac. Two of those sites, BuffaloTraceDistillery.com and SazeracHouse.com, are what Sazerac calls homeplace sites, meaning they are accompanied by a distillery or facility that offers guided tours, events and heavily trafficked gift shops that sell liquor, gifts and accessories. Buffalo Trace Distillery is based in Frankfurt, Kentucky, and The Sazerac House museum, bar and distillery is located in the bustling French Quarter of New Orleans.

Those homeplaces drive significant buzz for all of Sazerac’s brands and, as a result, are a huge vehicle for the company to connect with consumers and drive sales. “During the Kentucky Derby, the line…

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