Q&A: Rachel Moreschi, chief marketing officer at CakeSafe, will discuss her experience selling via Amazon and Google Shopping at the May 20 event, “Leading the 2021 Ecommerce Charge,” hosted by Digital Commerce 360. We caught up with her to get a sneak peek of her session.

In this Q&A article, Rachel Moreschi, chief marketing officer at CakeSafe LLC, discusses her company’s journey in selling via online marketplaces. Moreschi has gleaned insights that she will share with attendees during her session “Marketplace Matters” at the May 20 online event, “Leading the Ecommerce Charge,” hosted by Digital Commerce 360.

Moreschi is the marketing powerhouse behind CakeSafe, which sells boxes to protect cakes during transit as well as baking accessories and tools. She has created and implemented the company’s marketing strategies for five years. Moreschi comes from a background of entrepreneurship, having opened a retail business immediately after graduating from college.

Digital Commerce 360: How do you incorporate marketplaces into your online offerings today at CakeSafe?

Rachel Moreschi, chief marketing officer at CakeSafe

Moreschi: At CakeSafe we started a dedicated Amazon division of our business in February 2020. We also started selling on Google Shopping in 2018, when we were a part of the beta group that was able to test an integration with our ecommerce store powered by Ecwid. Both Amazon and Google Shopping have been hugely successful for CakeSafe. Amazon now makes up 25% of our sales, and our Google Shopping campaigns are currently generating $37 in revenue for every $1 we spend.


Digital Commerce 360: What are the biggest advancements or changes marketplaces have made over the past year that retailers should be aware of?

Moreschi: In the Amazon marketplace, a positive advancement is the ability to create Sponsored Brand Videos. They are essentially video ads that appear within Amazon searches. We use videos to show potential customers how a product will work for them. Amazon users may not have clicked on our product because the price was too high or they didn’t understand how it worked. However, with a Sponsored Brand Video we have the ability to get in front of our ideal customers and show them how our product will change their life.

In my opinion, a recent negative change in the Amazon marketplace is our inability to respond to reviews. Amazon users and brands used to be able to respond to reviews. This was an especially helpful feature for poor reviews where a customer may have misunderstood how to use the product.

Digital Commerce 360: What is one piece of advice you would offer other online retailers thinking of starting to sell on marketplaces?

Moreschi: To find success selling on a marketplace, remember that if you sell a niche item you will need to take extra care with your descriptions and images. Do not copy and paste your current product descriptions from your specialty website onto a marketplace. For example, CakeSafe has sold tools for bakers on CakeSafe.com since 2009. We ran into issues by using product descriptions and photos from our CakeSafe.com website on Amazon. The people buying our products on Amazon do not have the preexisting baking knowledge that CakeSafe.com customers do. Amazon customers are more likely to be hobby bakers. They’re also more likely to impulse buy because they can fall back on the free Amazon Prime returns.


To reduce returns and confusion, we now create more in-depth and detailed product descriptions on Amazon listings. We also create instructional photos to make sure customers are buying the correct item for their needs and to minimize the number of returns.

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