With ecommerce sales growing “exponentially” during the pandemic, GNC Holdings Inc. knew it needed to provide faster delivery, says Nuvan Dassanaike, vice president of ecommerce at the health and wellness retail chain.

The retail chain launched ship-from-store for ecommerce orders in 2020, which helped trim fulfillment time from several days to two-day delivery at the longest, Dassanaike says. That’s because GNC will ship the product from a store with the nearest ZIP code to the shopper, which is most often much closer to the shopper than its closest warehouse, he says.

While this was faster, the retailer knew that some consumers were purchasing from competitors if they couldn’t get the product the same day. With ship-from-store launched as a foundational piece, GNC then moved into even faster fulfillment with same-day delivery, Dassanaike says.

GNC and the pandemic

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