As the coronavirus continues to disrupt businesses, Aaron Equipment Co. has been increasing its number of online auctions of products ranging from ethanol production equipment and recycled plastics to beer-making machinery for a microbrewery, Aaron says.

As the pandemic disrupts business, it’s also bringing new business to Aaron Equipment Co., a buyer and seller of packaging and process manufacturing equipment.

Much of its business is through online auctions, including several conducted in recent months, Aaron says.

“One thing we really had going for us, is that we already had a robust online auction platform in place long before the virus broke out,” a spokesperson says. “That functionality enabled us to operate more or less business as usual when the COVID-19 restrictions came down.”

During the pandemic, Aaron has completed five industrial auctions, including liquidations of entire factories and other facilities and various types of machinery, the company says.

In the United States, Aaron’s online auctions have “helped liquidate surplus equipment of a biofuels-ethanol pilot plant, a microbrewery, and two top-tier plastics recycling facilities, clearing out dozens of specialized pieces of equipment and machinery, Aaron says.


The auction for the plastic recycling plant covered the sale of such products as shredders, trommels, granulators, screw presses and tanks.

In the United Kingdom, Aaron also assisted in the sale of equipment for a candy manufacturing plant.

Aaron Equipment, which is based near Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, also operates a 100,000-square-foot workshop where it tests and reconditions used equipment before selling them at auction.

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