Shoppers say less targeted ads will make them shop more in 2020

When asked what online retailers could do better to help shoppers buy even more online this upcoming year, shoppers say they want faster delivery, less ads directly targeted at them and better product information and images. Those views come from an all-new consumer survey of more than 4,000 online shoppers conducted by Digital Commerce 360 in conjunction with Bizrate Insights in January 2020.

Perhaps one reason less web tracking and targeted advertising rose to the top of consumer demand for 2020 is that it gets in the way of shopping, says Lauren Freedman, senior consumer insights analyst with Digital Commerce 360.

“First, I think it’s an annoyance. It’s in your face when you’re trying to do shopping, so it cuts into efficiency,” Freedman says. “Secondly, for people that are concerned about privacy, it elevates their fears that those issues are not important to those retailers that they might be shopping with.”

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