The B2B Next Conference & Exhibition starts Monday and runs through Wednesday in Chicago, with more than 90 speakers covering B2B ecommerce technology and strategies, 50 exhibitors and more than 1,000 attendees overall.

Taye Mohler, who directs digital commerce strategies at Cargill Inc., a supplier to industries including agriculture and pharmaceuticals, says ecommerce goes a long way toward helping her company better connect with customers.

It’s a topic Mohler, who is the founder of Cargill’s Digital Experience Office, will address in a presentation at the second annual B2B Next Conference & Exhibition in Chicago this week at the Hilton Chicago.


Taye Mohler, founder, Digital Experience Office, Cargill Inc.

“We want to make doing business easy for customers,” she says. “Online capabilities allow Cargill to provide opportunities to meet customers in their space by offering ecommerce services on functions that typically have been conducted face-to-face. This makes it easier for customers to do business with Cargill all around the world.”

More than 1,000 attendees

Mohler is one of more than 90 speakers this week at B2B Next, which will feature more than 70 sessions, panels and workshops on topics ranging from digital technology and business models to sales-channel strategies and change management methods. B2B Next will have more than 1,000 attendees from a wide range of companies and have 50 exhibitors of B2B ecommerce technology and services.


The aim of B2B Next, its organizers say, is giving attendees access to content, industry experts and their peers in a way that helps each attendee learn about industry trends, best practices and other takeaways that can help them grow B2B ecommerce.

“Our goal is to empower B2B executives by offering them specific initiatives they can deploy to transform their digital business models, channel strategies, technologies, website content and customer experience to maximize profit,” say conference co-founders Molly Love, who is CEO of Vertical Web Media, and Andy Hoar, the CEO of digital commerce consulting firm Paradigm B2B. Vertical Web Media is the publisher of Digital Commerce 360, whose brands include B2BecNews. Hoar is an e-business veteran and a former industry analyst who led the coverage of B2B ecommerce at Forrester Research Inc.

B2B Next is organized and operated by B2B Next LLC, a joint venture of Vertical Web Media and Paradigm B2B.

“The biggest challenges in creating a digital application,” says Mohler, “are the internal collaborations that are required to make the experience a success for customers. This includes aligning leadership and teams on the concept, benefits and design of a digital platform. It requires breaking down internal barriers and silos within organizations that will allow people to come aboard the journey with excitement, ambition and drive to make the product a success. It requires a significant shift in thinking about how we work and do business.”

Other speakers at B2B Next include:


Marta Dalton, global ecommerce director, Unilever;

Devashish Saxena, vice president, chief digital officer, PPG;

Matt Clark, senior vice president of digital, Staples;

Sagar Bilgi, director, ecommerce, platform and capability, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Lisa Butters, general manager, GoDirect™ Trade, Honeywell


Ben Geyer, principal architect, ecommerce & digital marketing, Caterpillar Inc.

Matt Inman, global director, customer experience, Johnson Controls

Alison Lichtenstein, director, customer experience design, Dow Jones

Shalin Shah, vice president, ecommerce & digital, Georgia-Pacific

Rence Winetrout, global vice president, digital & data science, Molson Coors


Jennifer Zamora, director, global customer experience and employee experience, Dow.

The full agenda, speaker list and registration information are available at

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