The company, founded by a former executive of BASF and Shell, is out to change the business of buying and selling chemicals by capturing and sharing aggregated supply-and-demand data from ecommerce portals it develops for chemical producers and distributors.

Agilis Chemicals is ready to “induce much-needed commerce tech to accelerate growth and improve profitability” for chemical producers, distributors and buyers, founder and CEO Jay Bhatia says.


Jay Bhatia, CEO, Agilis

A former executive of BASF and Shell who has been in the chemical industry for more than 20 years, Bhatia launched Agilis Chemicals in 2017 to develop online portals for chemical producers and distributors. End-customers include such chemicals users as producers of industrial coatings, adhesives and inks, and manufacturers of cosmetics, fragrances, food products and plastics. “The chemical industry has complex value chains, and business processes are nuanced,” Bhatia says. “Off-the-shelf commerce solutions do not work for the industry. It needs an industry-specific solution.”

“Leveraging our decades of experience in the industry, Agilis aims to become a vertical SaaS solution provider in the chemical industry,” he adds.

Bhatia says he isn’t free to publicly comment on his clients among the producers and distributors, but a search on shows lists of such global producers as Solvay and APEC, and regional distributors. Featured products shows such chemicals as Iso Propanol, MIBK, Hexylene Glycol and specialty solvents and resins used in coatings, cosmetics and the cleaning industry.


Agilis provides cloud-based software on which its clients can operate their own ecommerce portals. “We provide marketing, leads, workflow and integrations with enterprise systems,” Agilis says on its website.

As companies use the portals, Agilis grows its network and expands its database of supply-and-demand data on chemical industry sales, which can help buyers and sellers come to terms of sales, Bhatia says. “That’s the missing piece now in the industry,” he adds. “No one has been capturing data.”

For now, Agilis is focused on the chemical industry in the United States, but plans to expand into Europe. Overall, it’s targeting a market of thousands of chemical producers and distributors, Bhatia says.

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