Amazon’s app users generate nearly 85% of all mobile minutes spent with Amazon, despite Amazon having significantly fewer mobile app visitors than mobile web visitors. Inc.’s mobile app has a large following of active shoppers.

Amazon ranked No. 3 in a list of most monthly active users for all apps across iPhone and Android in 2018 in the U.S., according to data released in app analytics firm App Annie’s report “The State of Mobile 2019.” No other retailers made the top 10. Facebook and Facebook Messenger were the top two apps.

Even comparing Amazon’s app users with its mobile web users, Amazon’s app users spend way more time with the retailer overall.

Here is a detailed look at how Amazon’s U.S. shopping app users compare with its mobile web users, according to research firm comScore Inc. data.

Of the unique visitors who visited Amazon on a smartphone, 42.4% visited via the Amazon app and 57.6% did via the mobile web on average in 2018. This remains relatively consistent month to month:


The same holds true when looking at total time measured in minutes; per month, the breakdown of minutes in app vs. minutes on mobile web remains consistent.

Amazon app shoppers generate 85% of mobile time with Amazon

However, what’s notable is that even though more unique consumers are visiting Amazon on the mobile web, they spend far less time with Amazon than app users in total. Amazon app users on average per month spent 12.843 billion minutes in app versus mobile web visitors who spent on average 2.352 billion minutes per month on Amazon’s mobile site. So, on average per month, of all the time consumers are spending with Amazon on a smartphone, 84.5% of that time is in app versus 15.5% on the mobile web.


The difference between how many more mobile web users there are than mobile app users, along with how much more time app users spend with Amazon than mobile web users, can be seen by viewing how these two charts are flipped.

However, an analysis of mobile users from January 2019 compared with January 2018 shows that Amazon is adding more mobile web users at a faster rate than mobile app users.



Amazon is No. 1 in the Internet Retailer 2018 Top 500.

Brendan Reilly contributed to this article.