The top searched medical terms included MRI, psychotherapy, CT scan and colonoscopy.

Consumers researching healthcare prices online gave one such website a good workout last year.

What medical terms and conditions consumers are looking up also provides more insight into what they are thinking and doing when it comes to paying for healthcare services, says FAIR Health.

In 2017, Fair Health Inc., a not-for-profit consumer healthcare research organization based in New York, developed and launched, a website that gives consumers access to accurate medical and dental costs and other educational resources so they can plan financially for a procedure or episode of care.

Last year the healthcare cost comparison website “reached hundreds of thousands of users and received millions of page views.” The top 10 states from which users originated included New York, New Jersey, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Illinois, Ohio California and Oregon.

The top searched medical terms included MRI, psychotherapy, CT scan and colonoscopy on the English-language site, compared to “colonoscopy” and “MRI,” respectively, on the Spanish-language site.


The top three dental terms searched for were root canal, crown and implant.

The majority of the website visitors accessed the site by desktop computer (70%), compared with 30% for mobile. 52% of users were female compared with 48% male. “We are pleased that consumers across the country are finding their way to the healthcare cost estimate tools,” says FAIR Health President Robin Gelburd.

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