Internet Retailer surveyed 1,011 online shoppers in December 2017 and 1,014 online shoppers in June. In that time, users have adopted new technology at a higher percentage and are more interested in new ways to shop.

More options have led to a marked shift in the mix of which devices consumers are placing in their homes. As a result, Inc.’s dominance of the smart speaker market has fallen markedly—it accounted for 43.6% of first quarter sales, down from 81.8% a year earlier, according to Strategy Analytics.

As smart speakers have grown increasingly commonplace, so too has grown the percentage of consumers who own the devices. 33.9% of consumers own a smart speaker, according to a new Internet Retailer-exclusive survey of 1,014 online shoppers conducted in June by Toluna. That’s a 7.2 percentage point swing from 26.7% just six months earlier. And, even more notably…


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