Which Top 1000 retailers have a big Instagram following?

Instagram, which has only been around since late 2010 and was bought by Facebook two years later, has become a focus for many retailers and brands, particularly those that seek to inspire shoppers to buy with compelling imagery. Its global audience has reached 800 million users, behind only Facebook (2.1 billion) and YouTube (1.5 billion), but well ahead of such older social sites as Twitter (330 million) and Pinterest (200 million.)

Because image is the big draw on Instagram, it’s not surprising that seven of the 10 leading Top 1000 retailers in terms of Instagram followers sell apparel and accessories. It’s also noteworthy that the list includes such sellers of high-priced items as Prada (No. 329 in the Internet Retailer Top 1000), Chanel (No. 171) and Zara parent company Inditex Group (No. 500).