The B2B Workshop at IRCE this Friday will start with a presentation on digital transformation in commerce and marketing by Fred Pannek, president of Mud Pie, a designer, manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of home décor and children’s apparel that it sells through an omnichannel strategy.

Mud Pie, a family-owned manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer founded 30 years ago, has honed a strategy of how to engage both wholesale and retail customers.

Mud Pie places our customers, both wholesale and consumer, at the center of every decision to reach customers at every stage of the buying journey.

The company, which designs its own children’s apparel and home décor products, will go into detail on its omnichannel marketing and selling strategies to start off the IRCE B2B Workshop in Chicago on Friday, June 8.

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“Mud Pie places our customers, both wholesale and consumer, at the center of every decision as part of targeted approach to reach customers at every stage of the buying journey,” says Fred Pannek, Mud Pie’s president.

Pannek will be joined in the presentation by Eric Dean, CEO of Whereoware, a web design and development firm that has worked with Mud Pie to develop its e-commerce site,, as a core part of its omnichannel strategy. “We’ll walk through how Mud Pie consistently evolves their strategy and technology stack, while staying true to their vision, brand, and customers,” Dean says.


Mud Pie starts out customer engagement with simple email personalization, then adds personalized website content based on customer personas, Dean says. It also develops more highly personalized email campaigns triggered by actions customers take on

“Mud Pie is constantly trying to use technology to build their relationship with their customers,” he says. It recently added predictive analytics to identify customers who appeared likely to stop purchasing from Mud Pie, developing automated and personalized email marketing designed to retain these customers. It also alerted its sales reps prepare them to further engage the customers to keep them as loyal buyers.

The B2B Workshop will also feature digital commerce presentations by The Coca-Cola Co., global electronics distributor Premier Farnell, biotech manufacturer Illumina, and other executives and other companies and industry analysts.

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