Macy’s wins for most PLA clicks for non-branded perfume keywords in the lead up to Mother’s Day. Meanwhile, Versace and Davidoff are the most visible perfumes in Amazon search results.

Perfume brands Versace and Davidoff beat out other perfumes in terms of paid search performance on Inc. in the lead up to Mother’s Day, according to media analytics firm Kantar Media.

Kantar Media evaluated how perfume brands fared in both Amazon and Google search results. On, Kantar Media evaluated how visible brands were on search results pages when consumers searched for 12 unbranded perfume-related keywords between April 7 and May 7, including “perfumes for women,” “perfume” and “womens perfume.” The vendor assigned brands a Brand Visibility Score, which is a score for its Amazon listing that factors in the percent of time a brand’s product listing is in the top three positions, the percent of the time when a brand is listed on the first page of search results and average position on the first page. The highest score is 100.

Perfume brand Versace had the best Brand Visibility for Amazon search results with a score at 21, Davidoff was second at 10 and Vera Wang was third at 6. Versace perfume shows up in the top three search results positions 28% of the time, and its average listing position was 14.

While the brand visibility scores appear low out of a possible 100, this is common for non-branded keywords, says a Kantar Media spokesman.

“Brands are more likely to achieve a high score for their own branded keywords,” he says. “On the keyword ‘Versace perfume,’ for instance, Versace gained a brand visibility score of 100 during the period.”


Kantar Media also found that Davidoff, LuckyFine and Juice Couture had the best position in Amazon search results, on average across all of the brand’s sponsored and organic product listings for the 12 non-branded perfume keywords. Of Davidoff’s 895 perfume listings on, the average position in search results was fourth; Of LuckyFine’s 132 listings the average position was fourth; Of Juicy Couture’s 300 listings the average position was eighth.

In terms of sponsored product listings, Juicy Couture had the most with 295 listings and VeraWang was next at 173.

On Google, Kantar Media looked at text ads and product listing ads (PLAs) between April 7 and May 6 for 11 non-branded keywords, including “perfume,” “perfumes for women” and “perfume gift sets.”

Two online perfume retailers Inc. (No. 183 in the Internet Retailer 2018 Top 1000) and led the pack for text ad share. Here are the top perfume advertisers by text ad search clicks:



For PLA’s, chain retailer Macy’s Inc. (No. 6 in the Top 1000) topped the list for the non-branded perfume keywords, with 14.3% click share in this period.

Kantar Media also notes that, Ulta Beauty (No. 119) and Dior made the top 10 list for both text ads and PLAs.


Here’s how the rest of the PLA click share shook out:

Amazon is No. 1 in the Top 1000.