Flower sales for Mother’s Day via web merchants 1800Flowers.com and FTD.com hit their peak two days before Mother’s Day last year.

Online sales at flower retailers 1800Flowers.com and FTD.com for the period between May 1-21, 2017, reached their peak between May 7-13.

The two online retailers generated 71% of their total sales from the May 1-21 period during the week-long window of May 7-13 in the run-up to Mother’s Day on May 14, 2017, according to e-commerce analytics firm Slice Intelligence, which analyzed the transactions of 19,795 U.S. online shoppers made at 1800Flowers.com and FTD.com.

Here’s how sales from 1800Flowers.com and FTD.com between May 1-21 broke down:

  • May 1-6: 20.6% of sales
  • May 7-13: 70.7% of sales
  • May 14-27: 8.7% of sales



May 12 was the day with the most sales, as the two flower retailers on average generated 13.3% of their total sales May 1-21 on that day.

Web traffic to these online retailers followed a similar pattern as sales, spiking the week before the holiday, according to data from SimilarWeb.

The amount each shopper spent on these websites throughout this period, however, remained relatively consistent, regardless of the approaching holiday. However, orders placed the day before Mother’s Day and the holiday itself were the days shoppers spent the most: $54.41 on average on May 13 and $54.47 on May 14.



For Mother’s Day 2018, 31% of consumers say they will shop online for Mother’s Day, the second-highest answer behind physical department stores at 35%, according to a National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics survey of 7,520 consumers in April 2018.

The survey also found 62% of consumers age 18-24 will use their smartphone to research and compare prices for Mother’s Day.

1800Flowers.com Inc. is No. 66 in the just-released Internet Retailer 2018 Top 1000. FTD.com is No. 138.