Julie Hall-Barrow of Children's Health has built a comprehensive digital and mobile healthcare program to deliver health services to kids. In this episode, she shares her early learnings and impressive results.

Children’s Health is one of the nation’s largest pediatric health care providers, and as vice president of digital health Julie Hall-Barrow is the driving force behind its ground-breaking initiatives to deliver health care services to kids that might otherwise not see a doctor. In this episode Hall-Barrow and Internet Health Management editor Mark Brohan talk about the origination and execution of Children’s Health’s school- and community-based telehealth programs and the digital monitoring techniques it is using to make sure its patients stay healthy. “Mobile absolutely is where health care is focused,” Hall- Barrow says in the podcast. “‘[It’s about] how you can use mobility to take care of patients and families no matter where they live, work and play.”

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