Digital beauty's price? About $12 billion.

In this episode, Stefany Zaroban, the head of Internet Retailer’s research team and the author of “Health and Beauty Online: Where the Big Money Is,” digs into one of the more dynamic product categories in online retailing.

Because of its high margins, consistent repeat order rates and the generally small and lightweight products sold (read: inexpensive to ship), health and beauty goods are among the most profitable in online retailing, and the 58 merchants Stefany studied in researching her report drove about $9 billion in sales online last year, out of a market of about $12 billion. In this episode of the Digital Commerce 360 Insights podcast, Stefany covers the digital strategies of the segment’s leading players, such as Estée Lauder Cos., and startups including Beautykind, which is taking an innovative, hands-on approach to building its customer base.

Learn more in Internet Retailer’s report: “Health and Beauty Online: Where the Big Money Is.

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