Distinct data functions of TouchCR’s advanced e-commerce marketing platform are now available to new and existing customers.

CHICAGO – September 13, 2017 – TouchCR, provider of an advanced e-commerce platform that empowers B2C companies to develop deep customer insights and market with significant relevance, today announced that the platform’s most distinct marketing data services will now be available in customizable packages. By offering specific functions – such as customer data merge and integration, customer learning, custom dashboards, marketing services, artificial intelligence and customer state management – TouchCR will enable B2C e-commerce companies to quickly understand who their best customers are and gain insight into future buying behavior.

According to industry predictions from Forrester, U.S. online sales will reach more than $459 billion by the end of 2017. As personalized marketing will continue to drive sales, companies that are just now entering the e-commerce marketplace as well as already established online brands need a way of developing deep customer insights that lead to improved customer experiences. Addressing this immediate challenge, TouchCR’s customized data services will enable marketers to quickly integrate, aggregate and activate customer data from all business channels, further enhancing the entire omnichannel shopping experience.

“Consumer evolution is driving a rapidly changing e-commerce marketplace, and companies that don’t have the necessary tools to keep up won’t survive,” said Al Corona, president and CEO, TouchCR. “It’s for this reason that we decided to harness the power of TouchCR into customized data services, to help close the e-commerce gap for brands and retailers regardless of the size of their online presence.”

TouchCR’s new customized data services include:

  • Customer Data Merge and Integration: Quickly and easily integrate data – such as sales, shipment, financial and customer data – from multiple sources into one robust platform where it can be analyzed and made actionable.
  • Customer Learning: Customer data enrichment enables B2C marketers to identify most valuable customers and gain a deep understanding of them in real time.
  • Custom Dashboards: Real-time business operations and customer engagement tracking enables online retailers to quickly adjust and adapt to an ever-changing e-commerce environment.
  • Marketing Services: Offer various marketing training in the areas of consumer journeys, data management and sales funnel development, in addition to management of full marketing campaign execution.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Combine deep customer data points with predictive technology to simplify marketing efforts and boost campaign success.
  • Customer State Management and Tracking: Monitor the connected customer across the user journey and execute targeted campaigns through data-powered insights.

An all-encompassing marketing platform, TouchCR integrates customer data from fragmented sources – such as transactional, demographic, behavioral and psychographic data – into one easy-to-use platform. Its advanced segmentation and scoring capabilities empower businesses to capitalize on opportunities as soon as they manifest while improving overall marketing spend. Armed with deep consumer insight, marketers are then able to provide more personalized, compelling content, ultimately improving customer experiences and increasing customer loyalty.


About TouchCR:

TouchCR provides an advanced e-commerce marketing platform that empowers B2C companies to develop deep customer insights and increase brand loyalty. Through Salesforce integrations, TouchCR delivers a secure, scalable and cloud-based solution that enables B2C companies to better identify, segment and score customers quickly and increase customer lifetime value and loyalty. With TouchCR, marketers can market with significant relevance, see direct attribution ROI on media spend and deliver a more personalized experience to customers and prospects. For more information, visit http://touchcr.com or follow on Twitter @TouchCRSol.