Sam Devenport, founder of 1-year-old furniture design brand and store 57st. design, noticed early on that traffic from Pinterest was not only roughly three to four times more valuable—in terms of session time, page views, bounce rate, and cost—than other social media platforms, but highly mobile, too. He responded accordingly. Last summer the retailer began creating vertically oriented furniture collages (ideal for smartphone screens), which he used as Promoted Pins, Pinterest’s native ad format that enables merchants to pay to have their pins appear in users’ feeds on the social network.

“The impact on revenue was startling,” Devenport says. In the six months after 57st. design launched its Promoted Pins campaign in August 2016, the retailer averaged more than 100% month-over-month revenue growth in each of the subsequent six months. “We attribute that growth almost entirely to our Promoted Pins campaign,” he says.

Now Devenport plans to roll out his first Promoted Videos on Pinterest. Launched last summer, Pinterest Promoted Videos play as a
user scrolls down the page. When she clicks on the video, it opens in the social platform’s video player with a set of the advertiser’s promoted pins showcasing items from the video displayed beneath. Given what he’s seen so far with still images, Devenport expects customer engagement to be as high, if not higher, with the new…

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