Home furnishings platform Houzz has just about everything a consumer needs to embark on a home renovation project under one roof.

That’s why the online marketplace, which was founded in 2009, attracts 40 million unique visitors between its website and app every month. The home improvement hub offers shoppers more than 9 million SKUs to purchase from 20,000-plus marketplace merchants. And that’s just looking at the marketplace.

Houzz.com is much more than a marketplace. It is also home to more than 14 million home interior images designed to inspire shoppers for their home improvement projects, and a place where consumers can select from 1.5 million home professionals from about 60 categories, such as contractors, flooring experts and architects.

But Houzz wasn’t always so extensive. Like many startups, co-founder and president Alon Cohen and his wife Adi Tatarko (now the Houzz CEO) founded the company to solve a problem they personally encountered: They needed a place to find information and products for their home remodeling projects. The duo built the Houzz platform to make it easy to find home improvement ideas and professionals to make their visions come to life. In 2014, five years after Houzz’s launch, they added a shopping marketplace in response to consumers’ requests to buy the products they find on Houzz. E-commerce is now one of the main ways the company generates revenue. Cohen finds that this approach—listening to what consumers want—has been crucial to…

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