Top online mattress retailers, by 2016 web sales

The Home Goods category was the fastest-growing segment of e-commerce in 2016 and, among those companies, mattress e-retailers grew the most—about 91%, to more than $1 billion in combined sales.

In most cases, the mattress retailers sell convenience. Many of the mattresses sold online are made of foam and compressed into an easy-to-handle box. In other cases, such as with the inner-spring mattresses sold by Saatva, in-home set up (and removal, in the case of a return) is offered. To make the experience low-risk, online mattress retailers offer long (usually 100 days) in-home trial periods and promise to take the mattresses back and issue a refund if customers don’t like them.

An up-and-coming competitor in this market is Purple, which retailer launched its e-commerce site,, in January 2016. Purple has made heavy use of online videos, including a handful of customer videos. In total, Purple’s videos have received 500 million views in the 18 months the retailer has been operating.

Seven of the 10 fastest-growing merchants in the online housewares and home furnishings category sell only mattresses. In terms of total sales, Casper is the leading online mattress retailer, with online sales of about $200 million in 2016, but several of its smaller competitors grew even faster. Here are the largest players…

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