Canadian retail sales are growing online and offline. The strong growth has made for the best start to a year since 1991.

Canada’s online and offline retailers have never had it better.

E-commerce sales accounted for $1.2 billion in April, a 41.6% jump compared to the previous year, according to data that Statistics Canada reported Thursday.

While e-commerce’s growth reflects a shift in how Canadian consumers’ are shopping, online sales still account for only 2.5% of total retail sales in Canada, says Jason Aston, an analyst at the agency. “The number is only a fraction of the retail total,” he says, noting that because of e-commerce’s relatively small base, it doesn’t take a large amount of dollars flowing to e-commerce to produce a significant percentage increase.

Overall, Canadian consumers continued their free-spending ways in April, pushing retail sales to a 0.8% gain from the prior month and bringing the total increase since the beginning of the year to 3.6%, Statistics Canada reports. That matches the best start to a year based on data that goes back to 1991.

The figures highlight how much consumers—buoyed by strong employment growth—have powered the nation’s economy out of an oil crash, generating growth that is among the highest in the developed world. At the same time, that’s raising concern the increases may not be sustainable, with much of the spending fueled by the wealth effects from a soaring real estate market.

Zak Stambor contributed to this story.