Web-based Solution Delivers Intelligence Capabilities and Provides EDI Compliance with Minimal Investment

SOLON, Ohio – June 5, 2017 – 1EDISource has announced PartnerXchange™ (PX), a powerful web-based solution designed to introduce fast-growing companies to the advantages of using EDI for business transactions. The comprehensive platform offers an extensive set of features and benefits, including built-in intelligence that proactively analyzes EDI data, identifying and prioritizing documents so users always know what tasks need to be completed and when.

Designed for businesses with little or no prior EDI experience, the solution allows companies to achieve full compliance with trading partner requirements without developing an expensive EDI infrastructure. Utilizing 1EDISource’s EDI Workflow Intelligence™ technology, PX proactively examines data for pending business workflow needs and exchanges, alerting users when documents need to be sent to trading partners. It also prevents users from bypassing necessary steps, ensuring consistency and accuracy in the EDI process.

“Businesses that are getting started with EDI often are forced to make the choice between overly complex software-based solutions or underpowered web-based alternatives that put the onus on the user to figure out what should happen next,” said Michael Hurley, director of product management, 1EDISource. “PX is a simple, intuitive and cost-effective solution that allows companies to achieve EDI compliance and provides the power to improve their business processes, affording them more time to grow their business.”

With its web-based architecture, the solution is accessible 24/7 from any internet browser. The interface includes a summary dashboard with widgets that allow users to view the status of key transactions, access program tools, download data, configure alerts and change other settings. 1EDISource works closely with customers to configure the system around each trading partner’s specific requirements.

PX exchanges and translates all common EDI transaction sets and provides businesses with tools designed to improve operational efficiency and shipping accuracy, manage trading partners and quickly access data. The program can handle all major EDI transaction types – including purchase orders, Advance Ship Notices and invoices – and is designed to function with any type of limited business partner operation.


Other features and capabilities include:

  • The ability to download data and import into a FedEx® or UPS WorldShip® system;
  • Deployment of any type of shipment, whether single location or multiple, and even drop-shipments;
  • Comprehensive research capabilities that allow users to easily locate related documents;
  • Sending email or text alerts for any event at a trading partner or transaction level; and
  • Support of Ship Destination Quantities, breaking blanket purchase orders into individual customer location orders.

For more information, contact 1EDISource at 1-877-334-9650 or visit its website, www.1EDISource.com.

About 1EDISource
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