The new technology allows shoppers to quickly select seats in a venue and check out in an app environment, without having to download an app.

Ticketmaster has unveiled a Google Instant app to allow shoppers to quickly purchase seat tickets on smartphones.

Google Inc. made its Instant App technology available to all developers at its developer conference in Mountain View, Calif., last week. Instant Apps allows shoppers to use part of a mobile app without having to download an app, saving time and sparing consumers the need to add an app to their smartphones.

Ticketmaster GIFFor Ticketmaster, the Instant App is tailored for users who have already selected an event. It allows shoppers to choose seats in the venue and check out with Android Pay. This reduces the number of steps shoppers need to check out, although Ticketmaster doesn’t have an estimate of how many steps have been cut, says Jeff Kelsey, lead engineer at Ticketmaster. The Instant App is not yet live for all consumers and Ticketmaster would not say when it will be. Ticketmaster had the Instant App as a demo at Google’s developer conference last week.

“For a user sharing tickets they are interested in purchasing with friends, or a set of seats they are attempting to resell, the purchase flow is much simpler,” Kelsey says.

“We hope to add additional capabilities to the Instant App in the future, but for now it is laser-focused on the seat selection and purchase of ticket,” he says.


Shoppers also can send a link of the selected seats to friends, such as via SMS or Facebook, and the link will open to the page in the Instant App if the consumer has an Android device. If she has an iOS device the link will open to the page on the mobile web. If a consumer already has the iOS or Android Ticketmaster app downloaded to her smartphone, the link a consumer sends to a friend will open up to that page in her app, says Alex Austin, Branch CEO and co-founder. Mobile linking technology vendor Branch is powering the links Ticketmaster generates via the Instant App. Ticketmaster will use Branch’s analytics to measure its success with Instant Apps, Kelsey says.

Ticketmaster decided to create an Instant App to make it easier and faster for shoppers to check out on the mobile web, Kelsey says. “Instant Apps is ideal for e-commerce applications where any friction can reduce conversion rate,” he says.

Plus, the development process ensures Ticketmaster has the latest technology, grows its relationships with engineering partners, like Google and Branch, and keeps it developers sharp.

“We always want our engineers to be on top of the latest mobile technologies so that we can make good decisions on our future road maps as well as attract the best engineering talent,” Kelsey says.

It took about six weeks to develop the Instant App, Kelsey says. Ticketmaster used a lot of its existing code from its app to develop Instant App, which helped speed the process, he says.  Two Ticketmaster employees were directly involved developing the Instant App, although the interactive seat map involved the entire team, he says.