The athletic apparel retailer also boosts site visits by 50% using customer analytics platform AgilOne.

Athletic apparel retailer lululemon athletica inc. collects a lot of data on its customers.

In addition to seeing if a customer has an affinity for leopard-print yoga leggings, the retailer also collects data about shoppers who attend the brand’s events at its stores and in the communities surrounding its retail locations. For example, lululemon might host a sunset yoga class for moms in a local park.

The retailer, No. 96 in the Internet Retailer 2016 Top 500 Guide, last year began using AgilOne’s Customer Data and Engagement Hub to gather its customer data in one spot and better target shoppers based on their interactions with lululemon. After using the vendor, lululemon increased attendance to local events by 25%, grew revenue from marketing campaigns by 10% to 15% and increased site visits by 50%.

“AgilOne lets us understand guests on an individual level and allows us to reciprocate their engagement,” says Abhishek Dalmia, senior vice president of digital marketing, customer relationship management and data science for lululemon.

The vendor enables lululemon to unify data that spans the many ways customers interact with lululemon, and the broader community in person and digitally, Dalima says.


“Having all this data in one spot lets lululemon gain customer insights about individual shopper preferences,” says AgilOne CEO Omer Artun. Based on purchases, lululemon can determine if a customer prefers indoor cycling to running, or that another shopper attends yoga sessions just once or twice a month, and then target each consumer with customized offers or marketing campaigns accordingly both in stores and online. What’s more, given lululemon’s manufacturing cycles in which all the clothes change every few weeks, the information lululemon has about customers eventually could help direct the manufacturing process and reduce the need to offer discounts to move products.

AgilOne’s Customer Data and Engagement Hub stores customer data from email systems such as IBM Corp.’s Silverpop, call center systems and Oracle Corp.’s BlueKai marketing data platform in one spot. It also houses profiles on each customer based on her interactions with a brand. More than 150 brands worldwide use AgilOne’s Customer Data and Engagement Hub, the vendor says.

Clarks shoes also is using AgilOne to unify data and better engage with customers across channels, says Kylie Beals, director of performance marketing and e-commerce. “AgilOne helps us put the right shoe in front of the right consumer at the right time across email, web, direct mail, social, in-store, SMS and more,” Beals says. “We use AgilOne to help us better understand what discounts and promotions are driving engagement and sales in order to optimize margin and marketing spend.”

AgilOne says during two periods over the most recent holiday season—from Nov. 25-28 and Dec. 17-24—its retailer clients generated 45% more online sales compared with the same periods a year earlier. Additionally, the number of online transactions during those two periods increased 26% year over year and average online order value increased 15%. AgilOne analyzed nearly 5 million customer profiles across multiple retailers for its holiday findings.