Amazon Prime shoppers now see digital replicas of the ordering hardware on the home page so they can quickly place an order for a product they bought before.

In mid-2015, Inc. introduced Amazon Dash buttons, key fob-like Wi-Fi-enabled buttons that Prime members linked to their Amazon accounts to automatically reorder a particular product by pushing the button.

Now Amazon has added the “button” function to and the Amazon Shopping app. A module labeled “Your Dash Buttons” displays any Dash button the Prime shopper may already have linked to her Amazon account, and it adds others for products previously ordered that typically need replenishment, regardless of whether a physical Dash button is available for that brand or product.

Amazon calls the on-screen buttons “personalized shortcuts to reorder all your favorite products.” At launch, Amazon created the added buttons based on consumers’ shopping histories. However Prime customers, who pay $99 for the service that offers expedited shipping and free video streaming, can now create their own such buttons and see them displayed on their home page or in the app. An “add to your Dash Buttons” message appears beneath the “add to cart” button on every Prime-eligible product page.

The digital Dash Button replicates the look of the hardware version, and the consumer taps the white button on the image to buy. Tapping on the brand label displays the corresponding product image and current price. is the No. 1 e-retailer in the Internet Retailer 2016 Top 500 Guide.