Jonathan Adler and Serena & Lily rely on AgilOne to engage customers and lift sales.

SUNNYVALE, CA–(Marketwired – Dec 15, 2016) – The home furnishing industry is undergoing massive transformation as more home, lifestyle retailers and new market entrants use digital channels to advance customer engagement and lift sales. These new market forces have propelled leading home furnishing retailers Jonathan Adler and Serena & Lily to use AgilOne to gain a complete view of their customers to boost sales across all channels — online and in stores.

The customer path to purchase in the home furnishing industry can be complex and lengthy. Traditionally furniture shopping follows a one-and-done shopping pattern. Consumers may buy home accessories such as wall decor or seasonal throw pillows once in awhile and purchase big-ticket items such as couches and dining sets sporadically.

Another challenge is in unifying and understanding customer data that sits in different siloed channels — a very real pain point for retailers whose shoppers browse online and buy in the store. Without a single customer view, it is impossible to orchestrate relevant experiences that span across both digital channels and traditional channels such as catalog, direct mail, and in the store. Home furnishing retailers that deliver consistent experiences across touchpoints are the clear winners in the continuously evolving home retail space.

Jonathan Adler uses AgilOne to gain omni-channel customer intelligence that powers personalized engagement. According to Leland Kass, vice president of marketing at Jonathan Adler, “Using AgilOne, we’ve not only gleaned insights into consumer behavior, retention, acquisition trends and average order value (AOV) shifts, we’ve also initiated a host of campaigns and in-store efforts that are delivering tangible results.”

Serena & Lily chose AgilOne to power omni-channel customer engagement; AgilOne was the only vendor that provided out-of-the-box capabilities for quick time-to-value, combined with the flexibility and expertise to meet Serena & Lily’s digital and direct mail demands.


“We are excited to partner with AgilOne. We believe that the AgilOne solution is the best fit for a multi-channel retailer like us with high-value customers and rapid growth,” said Serena & Lily VP of Direct Marketing and Ecommerce Carla Rummo. “We look forward to using the solution to get a single view of the customer across all channels, better segment our marketing, and optimize our marketing investment ROI.”

According to AgilOne CEO Omer Artun, “The retail furniture market is at a digital crossroads with pressure to step up their omni-channel game across all fronts. AgilOne’s Customer Data and Engagement Hub allows furniture stores to gain a single view of the customer and intelligently personalize engagement across all channels. This changes one-and-done purchases into rich, ongoing relationships with customers.”

About AgilOne:


AgilOne restores the personal relationships companies once had with customers before channel-specific marketing silos got in the way. AgilOne integrates customer data from all digital and physical channels, analyzes and predicts customer behavior, and lets marketers engage with customers at every touch point with consistent and deep personalization. With AgilOne, enterprises can maximize customer lifetime value by enabling marketers to fully know their customers and respond to them in an authentic way. The AgilOne Customer Data and Engagement Hub supports more than 150 brands worldwide. For more information about AgilOne, please visit