The move makes Instagram posts a little less ephemeral.

Facebook Inc.-owned Instagram today began giving users the ability to save posts they want to later revisit.

“For Instagrammers stumbling upon a business they want to remember, a new product they like, or a memorable ad, they can now keep track of favorite posts right from their profile,” Instagram writes in a blog post.

In other words, the platform, which companies typically use to put a glossy spin on their products and brand, is offering consumers a Pinterest-like way to save the products or special offers they see in their feeds.

“What this means for brands is their content can now live on to inspire people after it appears in feed,” says an Instagram spokeswoman.

A consumer can tap the new bookmark icon that appears underneath each post to save it to a new private tab in her profile. Within that private tab a user can see all the posts she’s saved, which will be visible only to that user.


Facebook offers similar functionality with its Save button, which allows users to save items or services to a private list on Facebook or share it with friends. By offering a similar capability on Instagram, Facebook may be seeking to gather more data about users’ interests, which brands eventually may be able to use for ad targeting.