The marketplace for handcrafted and artisan goods is letting sellers run Google Shopping campaigns through a new advertising dashboard in their Etsy shops.

To help Etsy sellers market their wares, the marketplace for hand-crafted and artisan goods on Tuesday rolled out a new advertising dashboard through which sellers on Etsy can launch Google Shopping campaigns. The service gives artisans access to a major digital marketing service without making the upfront investment in time and money that is typically required for developing digital marketing programs.

“Google Shopping ads will give our sellers a complementary way to target shoppers off of the Etsy marketplace at key moments when they are searching for items on Google,” writes Maxwell Tang, a product manager on Etsy’s seller services team, in a blog post. Etsy already allowed sellers to market their shops via Promoted Listings, the paid search advertising through which marketplace sellers can pay to have their products appear high up in search results on and within the Etsy mobile app.

Sellers can launch a Google Shopping campaign within the marketplace’s new advertising dashboard. To do so, they have to set a daily ad budget and a target country. While Etsy plans to expand the system’s targeting capabilities in time, for now it plans to encourage sellers to focus on their “country of highest success,” a spokeswoman says.

The ads will appear in product search results within Google Shopping, as well as in product ads alongside organic search results on and Google’s broader network that includes YouTube and Google Images.

Making the process simple is important. “Ease of use is crucial. We know that many Etsy sellers who would like to expand their advertising efforts have found the process to be daunting,” Tang writes. “In order to be successful advertisers, sellers would not only need to learn about the digital advertising ecosystem and understand how the various ad products work, they would also need to invest a huge amount of time into setting up a campaign. Setup requires creating accounts, product feeds, ad groups, product targets, and conversion tracking. And that’s just the beginning: once the campaigns are live, inventory needs to be refreshed continually, bids need to be updated and budgets optimized.


“All this, in addition to managing the creative and commercial aspects of their businesses,” he writes. “With Etsy’s Google Shopping solution, Etsy is taking care of all of this and more: what would take weeks of setup time and ongoing daily maintenance happens with the click of a few buttons.”

Sellers pay for the ads on a cost-per-click basis and Etsy is not taking a commission.