Inc. dived further into e-commerce this week with its launch of its Commerce Cloud e-commerce platform, the culmination of its $2.8 billion acquisition in July of Demandware Inc., which specialized in providing e-commerce software for consumer brand companies.

Salesforce launched Commerce Cloud Sept. 27 in Dallas at, an annual conference for online retailers that is part of the National Retail Federation, an industry trade group. The company asserts that “The connected customer is transforming commerce, creating new opportunities for brands to transform the buying experience,” said Jeff Barnett, CEO, Salesforce Commerce Cloud. “By bringing together Demandware’s cloud-based e-commerce software and Salesforce’s cloud-based CRM technology, he adds, “we’re empowering brands to deliver personalized and unified customer experiences.”

Although Demandware was primarily used for brand manufacturers and others selling directly to consumers, several industry analysts have suggested that Salesforce is likely to also modify the the Demandware technology to also suit the needs business-to-business companies. Salesforce has not commented on any B2B plans, but it will explain more about its plans for Commerce Cloud at its Dreamforce conference next week. Watch this website for coverage of Dreamforce.

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