SEATTLE, Aug. 10, 2016 — Socedo, the B2B social demand generation leader, unveiled a newSocial Lead Monitoring capability allowing all Marketo, Inc., users to identify and engage sales-ready leads based on social activity directly in their Marketo database, providing measurable ROI from their social media investment.

Socedo enables B2B marketers to identify all the leads in their Marketo database who are active on social networks, then monitor their interactions with the brand, competitors or other relevant keywords. Socedo’s real-time insights then allow marketers to:

  • Identify socially engaged leads in their database
  • Add social behavioral data to their lead scoring model
  • Segment their lead database by what prospects are engaging with on social media
  • Deliver a higher volume of sales-ready leads to the sales team
  • Demonstrate the ROI of social marketing

While many B2B marketing departments have made an investment in social media, few have historically been able to measure ROI in generating qualified leads and revenue. Meanwhile, most demand generation teams continue to rely on emails to nurture leads in their database, without realizing that many leads would be willing to communicate on social.  

Social lead monitoring bridges the gap between these two marketing functions, by helping companies turn their existing social investments into leads.

“Social media teams work hard to cultivate relationships. Now, demand generation marketers can use social insights to discover new leads, enable their social media team to spend their time with high-value prospects, and use social media to directly impact demand generation. In addition, marketers can get a holistic view of their leads’ social actions, and use this data to enable lead scoring and nurturing,” says Aseem Badshah, Socedo’s Co-founder and CEO.


Marketo, the leading provider of engagement marketing software and solutions, recently unveiled plans to evolve its platform to deliver big data scalability and transactional support for customers across the whole enterprise. Part of the benefits will be faster processing speeds and the ability to connect Marketo to new places and new kinds of customer data. Socedo is part of Marketo LaunchPoint®, the largest and most complete ecosystem of best-of-breed marketing solutions.

“We are thrilled to have Socedo’s Social Lead Monitoring product integrate with Marketo as part of our LaunchPoint partner ecosystem,” said Lou Pelosi, Senior Director of LaunchPoint for Marketo. “Socedo’s real-time social media activities data will help our customers to innovate, grow, and deliver impactful results across the enterprise.”

For the past few months, the marketing team at Socedo and a select group of customers, including Microsoft, have been using Social Lead Monitoring to gain insights about their leads.

“Socedo opens up a new channel for us to engage with our leads. Socedo is helping us understand which of our existing leads are actively engaging, or have previously engaged, with our Twitter handles and what they’re saying,” says Phil Amato, Digital and Social Marketing Manager at Microsoft. “The social data they provide on leads helps us identify warm leads in real-time so that the social media team can qualify leads directly on social, as well as lead score organic social engagements. We can now finally see the role that social plays in our prospects’ buying journey.”

Socedo research has found that socially engaged leads move 25% faster through the buying cycle and convert 22% higher compared to leads sourced from other channels. 


To learn more, visit Socedo’s Launch Point page:

About Socedo:

Socedo is a B2B demand generations system for B2B marketers. Socedo empowers marketers to discover, engage and qualify prospects through social media to generate revenue at scale. Socedo’s mission is to bring social leads to every business in the world. Socedo integrates with leading marketing automation and CRM systems including Marketo, Hubspot, and Salesforce. Socedo is based in Seattle, WA. Socedo was founded in 2012 by Aseem Badshah and Kevin Yu. Learn more about Socedo at

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