80% of consumers learn about shopping apps from Facebook, according to a new study.

In fact, consumers recall learning about a retailer’s app on Facebook more often than on a retailer’s own website, according to the recently released report “How to get consumers to download and use your app.” The study is based on an online survey in May of more than 1,000 18 to 44-year-old U.S. consumers, conducted by mobile commerce platform vendor Branding Brand. All survey respondents own an iPhone and have made a purchase from an iPhone app at least once.

On social media besides Facebook, 43% of consumers say they hear about shopping apps via YouTube, 41% Instagram, 28% Pinterest and 21% Snapchat. About half of consumers, 47%, recall seeing retailers advertise their apps in a store, 72% of consumers recall app ads on a retailer’s website and 63% via a retailer’s email.

While consumers may be aware of app advertising, they also are tuned in to how an app brings value to them. 71% of consumers say they are influenced to download an app if they will earn loyalty or rewards points just for downloading it, according to the survey. 67% of consumers say they will download a shopping app to receive app-only coupons or discounts, 64% will do so for a discount on the first order and 59% because they frequently purchase from the retailer.

When in the app store, user reviews are the No. 1 factor a consumer uses to decide whether to download an app, even above the star rating and the description of the app, according to the survey.


Once a consumer downloads a shopping app, the top features she wants are loyalty or reward points tracking (91%), coupons (91%) and buy now, pick up in store (86%). Consumers say they use shopping apps over websites because they are more convenient (69%), faster (61%), and easier to use (56%).

The most popular in-store app features are using coupons at checkout (80%), looking up daily or weekly deals (67%), checking in-store inventory (61%), and reading product reviews or recommendations (55%).

And if apps don’t deliver, consumers will kick them to the curb. 92% of consumers say they delete an app because it crashers or freezes, 89% delete apps that are too slow, and 86% delete an app because they don’t use it often, according to the study.

The study also found that 68% of consumer will use an app two to five times before they decide if they are dissatisfied enough to uninstall it. 7% will decide to uninstall the app after one use, 17% more than six uses and 8% say they rarely uninstall apps.

In other Branding Brand news, the vendor recently acquired mobile technology vendor Waysay LLC. With the acquisition, Branding Brand’s clients now have access to in-app messaging and automated marketing messages, Branding Brand says. As a result of the acquisition, Branding Brand will open a third office in Indianapolis and plans to open a fourth office in London later in 2016, according to the vendor. Terms of the deal are not disclosed.


Branding Brand powers mobile commerce for 60 retailers in the Internet Retailer Top 1000, including Wayfair LLC (No. 24), Walgreen Co. (No. 37) and Kate Spade (No. 140), according to Top500Guide.com.