Amazon Business helps buyers beat their negotiated supplier prices
by Don Davis — 6/7/16

The Amazon Business marketplace shows both the contract price and the Amazon marketplace price, which can be lower. The customer can choose the lower price.


Bosch retools its e-commerce portal for business customers
by Nona Tepper — 6/8/16

Customer feedback helped the distributor rework its B2B portal to suit its individual distributor customers.


Managing product data to boost online sales
by Nona Tepper — 6/9/16

With a new PIM system, office products supplier Tops Products says it’s easier for its customers to find its products online.

Crescent Electric looks internally for B2B e-commerce success

By Tim Brusveen — 6/9/16

When employees at Crescent Electric Supply Co. started figuring out how to help customers, the electrical products distributor started to find its footing in business-to-business e-commerce.

How to sell online to churches and retailers
by Nona Tepper — 6/13/16

A relaunched doubles its conversion rate.

MSC Industrial Supply named B2B E-Commerce Player of the Year
by Paul Demery — 6/13/16


The distributor won the overall award for B2B e-commerce at IRCE 2016 for its innovative online buying features and a focus on e-commerce that has resulted in more than half of its sales processed online.