Use Facebook Custom Audience to target consumers who abandon a shopping cart, visited your site but didn’t buy and those who sign up for your email.

Social media platforms are moving rapidly to enable users to buy items that they see on their news feeds with a single click of the mouse. With over a billion folks using Facebook each day, there are huge e-commerce opportunities available. But what if users don’t convert the first time around? That’s when you can use the Facebook Custom Audience service to target only those who have visited a specific page of your website. Here are some tactics on creating custom Facebook audiences for a higher ROI:

1. Cart abandonment

Targeting those that have added items to your cart, but abandoned them. This audience is ideal to target due to their attraction to your product. Yes, they left your site, but that may be for a number of reasons. One could be that they wanted to shop around a little more. Another could be that they were at work and their boss was walking up to them so they hurriedly closed their window and forgot to finish the process. A third could just be that they saw it on mobile and went through the process, but prefer to purchase on desktop. Research has shown that while there are more mobile e-commerce visits, people still prefer to purchase on desktop. Implementing the following custom audience will allow you to remind people that they forgot to purchase.

Note that your site may have different names for your cart and your checkout page. Some have “add-to-cart” while other may just have “cart” like below. Similar with the checkout page. Some may say “thank-you” while others have “confirmation.” Tailor it to your website.

2. Website visitors who didn’t purchase


This audience will be one of the larger ones that you have, but it is one of the most important. You get people to your website through ads or organically. They clicked-through for a reason, yet bounced away from the site without purchasing for one reason or another. Remarketing to them with the custom audience below to target those that have visited your site, but not purchased. This audience will not only give you a great click-through-rate, but is the most likely audience, behind cart abandoners, to purchase from you.

3. Email list segments

People that have signed up for your email list are the ones that are truly interested in your brand. These are the “repeat traffic” visitors that constantly provide the best ROI. In a past study, businesses targeting returning customers see upwards of 15x ROI vs new customer acquisition campaigns. Upload your email list to Facebook, create a lookalike audience for that email list, and then segment out the email list by targeting self-identifying interests they will want to receive information about. Don’t serve a woman’s swimwear ad to someone that only wants to see men’s swimsuits. This will lower your CTR and you will be wasting money.


With these three custom audiences, you’ll be able to target high-value users that are already interested in your product, but just haven’t quite taken the bait yet. With an audience of a billion people every day, anything is possible.

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