Facebook is collecting an affiliate fee on tickets that consumers buy on its platform.

Ticketmaster and Eventbrite will begin selling tickets on Facebook this month. Consumers will be able to click and buy directly on the platform after clicking on an event from a performer or team’s Facebook page.

However, unlike the other e-commerce initiatives Facebook has experimented with (including its announcement today that retailers can sell within its Messenger mobile app), The ticket sellers will pay Facebook an affiliate fee on purchases made through the social network. Facebook, Ticketmaster and Eventbrite declined to share the specific percentage the social network is charging.

Ticketmaster says it is selling tickets on Facebook because “Facebook delivers on scale and discovery,” a spokesman says. Facebook has 1.591 billion monthly active users and more than 65% of those users, 1.038 billion, use the platform nearly every day.

“This new functionality will streamline the consumer experience allowing for easier purchase of live event tickets,” according to Ticketmaster. Even so, a consumer has to click a link in Ticketmaster’s confirmation email to “claim” and use the ticket.

The move is the latest attempt to drive e-commerce sales on Facebook. After all, Facebook executives regularly point to an internal study that found roughly half of U.S. Facebook users turn to the social network to discover and engage with new products.