DHgate, an e-marketplace that connects primarily Chinese sellers to some 10 million buyers located in more than 230 countries, is looking to grow its business by building foreign-language sites for specific countries, starting out with Turkey.

The Chinese business-to-business e-marketplace company last week launched a Turkish language version of its e-commerce site, in an effort to increase online trade between China and Turkey, DHgate says. “The overall goal of this historic trade agreement is to enable Turkish and Chinese small-and medium-sized enterprises to access each other’s markets by selling goods through e-commerce,” DHgate says.

DHgate.com offers 33 million consumer products at wholesale prices from 1.2 million suppliers. The new Turkish-language site, tr.DHgate.com, will target buyers and sellers among small and mid-size businesses in Turkey who are looking to purchase goods from suppliers in China. The plan for the new e-commerce site is an early result of an e-commerce trade agreement signed last November by China and Turkey. DHgate worked with the Turkish business organization World SME Forum, which promotes international trade and small and mid-sized enterprises, to facilitate the e-commerce project. DHgate says that China and Turkey expect their e-commerce agreement to build on an increase in trade between the two countries over the past 15 years. Total trade volume between China and Turkey measured $2.77 billion in 2014, up 177% from $1 billion in 2000, DHgate says.

DHgate CEO Diane Wang says the company will announce additional country-specific sites later this year. “There will be more countries signing similar agreements in 2016,” Wang says. DHgate declined to specify which countries.

Tr.DHgate.com displays all of its content in the Turkish language, but it also presents in the Chinese language information on customer service, online logistics services and cross-border e-commerce training.


DHgate has opened a warehouse in southwest Chongqing, China, designed specifically for Turkish sellers to store and display their products for a small fee until a customer’s order is processed. DHgate says it will open for sellers based in China a similar warehouse and display center in Turkey, but didn’t specify when or where.

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