Nike Inc. Chief Executive Officer Mark Parker says the shoe-maker is pushing more customization for its gear and mobile applications.

“Being more personal, giving the athletes an experience that is easier, connected, simple,” Parker said in an interview Thursday on Bloomberg Television. That’s “really what is important.”

This week at a glitzy event in New York, the world’s largest sporting-goods brand unveiled its latest products, including auto-tightening sneakers and a revamped fitness app that offers personal training. The much-hyped sneakers — called HyperAdapt 1.0 — will come out later this year. The company hasn’t said how much they’ll cost. The shoes tighten once a person puts them on and can then be adjusted with buttons. The battery lasts about two weeks on one charge.

On the digital front, Nike’s strategy has shifted away from making its own activity-tracking devices to focus on offering a suite of apps that can pull data from third-party gadgets. The company will release a new Nike+ application in June that connects to its other branded apps — like ones for running and training. The move comes as smaller rivals Under Armour Inc., Adidas AG and Asics Corp. have been busy spending about $1 billion on acquiring fitness applications.

“It is all about personal service that is adapted for you,” Parker said. “It’s a very important step.”


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