When it comes to looking for coupons, mobile apps are the top tool consumers use, according to a recently released report, “The State of Coupons and the Role of Mobile,” conducted by mobile couponing vendor RetailMeNot and location analytics vendor Placed. The survey polled 10,843 U.S. consumers in October and November 2015.

42.8% of consumers look for coupons in a mobile app, 35.9% in print, 16.8% on desktop, 28.8% in all three of those places and 17.7% elsewhere. Consumers could pick more than one response.

While the majority of consumers who look for coupons (7,892 of survey respondents) search for them before they visit a physical store, 14.9% of look for coupons while in store, the study found.

The study also finds that 75% of consumers use at least one app to assist them shopping while in a store. 9% of consumers use five or more apps to help them shop and find what they are looking for in store, 4.6% say they use four apps, 13.9% three apps, 27.1% two apps, 20.4% one app and 25% use no apps.

Another study also finds that if coupons are sent to consumers while they are in store, there is a high chance they’ll use them quickly. Mobile coupon vendor Koupon Media, which delivers mobile coupons using consumer location information for products from such consumer packaged goods brands as Frito-Lay North America Inc., Kellogg’s and Coca-Cola, and retailers, such as 7-Eleven, Kum & Go and Dollar General, found in its report “Mobile Coupons: State of the Industry 2016” that 65% of consumers redeem a mobile offer within five minutes of receiving it. The coupons are sent to consumers who are in a store. The research is based on 3,200 mobile coupon campaigns in 2015.


Car manufacturer General Motors Co. reports success with its mobile coupon hub in its OnStar RemoteLink app. GM offers coupons from retailers such as Dunkin’ Donuts, Priceline.com, Groupon and ExxonMobil via that app. InQ4 2015, consumers opened more than 130,000 coupons in the app, GM says.


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